Key to successful international enterpreneurship


Kick-off meeting: “The Key to Successful International Entrepreneurship”

On the 26th of October 2015, representatives from three schools (Alfa-college Hoogeveen, NL/ Masaryk´s Business Academy Jicin, CZ/ Business Academy Martin, SLK), local governement and businesses met in Erfurt to recap and structure the contents of the recently approved project involving the Netherlands/Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Dr. Klaus Merforth was invited as guestspeaker and gave a motivational speech regarding the opportunities and benefits of the International Summer School in Erfurt and Internationalisation in general. Marinke de Jong gave a presentation to clarify the long and short time goals and provided the partners with the latest information on the financial aspects of the project.

Each sector was given an assignment in order to determine the short- and long term goals of the project. Members of local government and businesses talked about regional economic issues and how the project could be of help to deal with those. The three schools discussed the preparations fot the students and the planning up and until the first exchange which is scheduled to take place in the Netherlands in April 2016.

The schools agreed on the following:

  • Each school will select 20 enthusiastic students from the Business and Tourism departments before 15ht of November
  • Alfa-college provides the other schools with a study plan for the first 9 weeks before the 15th of November
  • We will stay in touch and exchange this information via group email
  • Each school will take turns in gathering/producing English material on Entrepreneurhsip and Cultural Awarenss (see study plan)
  • Joined classes will start as from the 15th of November
  • Create a Facebook page for the students to get to know eachother and exchange information. Slovakia will take the lead, should be up and running in November
  • Czech School indicates they need to be sure of the finances before they start working on the website. Alfa-college agreed contact the agency as soon as possible to get more clarity on when the money will be transferred
  • Ask Chamber of Commerce or representatives from companies to prepare a lecture on Successful International Entrepreneurship in English which will be recorded and distrubited among the other schools as well. Presentations will take place in January
  • Contact and invite companies to join the programme before February. Idea is to invite Embassies to give presenations about the benefits of doing business in the countries involved. Hoogeveen already received word that the Slovak and Chech ambassadors would give the presentations themselves on the 19th of January 2016
  • Slovakia and the Czech Republic will provide Alfa-college with a list of participating countries and what they would like to achieve in the Netherlands before March 2015
  • Alfa-college will then contact the Chamber of Commerce and they will assist in finding the right companies in NL
  • Alfa-college will start looking for suitable accomodation for the first exchange and will send quotations before March 2016
  • Slovakia and Czech Republic will invite local government and companies to join hem during the exchange
  • Slovakia and Czech republic will arrange transportation to NL themselves

The meeting was concluded and the participants enjoyed drinks together before departure.

created april 2016