Key to successful international enterpreneurship

Dissemination report/plan of action

In our project proposal we decided on the following approach:

“Each partner is committed to proceed on this path after the project has come to an end taking into consideration the relevance and demands on national and international levels.

Regional level:

Each project partner will be responsible for dissemination in its own organisation and region and will design its own dissemination strategy based on the outcome of the transnational platform meetings . Schools, municipalities and companies, will use this project as an example of "Good Practice" in order to increase awareness in other departments and or sectors.

Principal targets and means:
- Giving presentations
- Media such as evaluation reports, newsletters and websites

National level:

Each sector involved the triple helix has their own national network as well, therefore each of the partners will be able to ensure dissemination from micro to meso level during national gatherings.

Principal targets and means:
- Giving presentations
- Media such as the evaluation reports, newsletters and websites

International level:

Each school involved in this project has a number of international VET-cooperative partners in e.g. EU-projects and international exchange contexts. Therefore, the project outcomes will also be disseminated beyond the partner country representatives by means of:
- Giving presentations (example of Good Practice) during European educational network events
- Media such as journals and websites

The municipalities and entrepreneurs will be involved in the dissemination by mentioning the progress and outcome of the project on their websites or during international meetings or conferences.

The exploitation of the outcomes will also continue beyond the lifetime of the project. Additional teaching modules and new outcome/ideas will continue be placed on the website after the project has ended”

We took this document as basis for our dissemination strategy and the following has occurred so far to ensure this:

  • Leading up to the first transnational meeting in October 2015, (kick-off), each of the schools made sure that local government and Chambers of Commerce were thoroughly informed of the fact that the project was approved and what the first transnational meeting would entail. This was done via personal contact and mail (official invitations). Each of the municipalities and Chambers/ Business clubs involved was asked to discuss the project and to appoint representatives who were going to attend the transnational meeting. This happened accordingly and representatives from every branch of the Triple Helix were present.
  • During this first important meeting we agreed that the companies should be made aware of this project in order to buddy them up with the students. Each country looked for a proper way to do this, the Netherlands asked the Czech and Slovak ambassadors to give a presentation about the possibilities in their countries at Alfa-college. In addition to that, articles were placed in newsletters of the municipality and the export club to inform and recruit companies Many local entrepreneurs attended and a news article was published
  • Leading up to the first exchange in NL, schools/municipalities and companies were constantly in touch in order to make sure the students could visit at least 2 companies during their visit. The Triple Helix approach paid off, 80% of the students were able to do business. In order to share this information new articles were released in NL and SVK (
  • As the project is now up and running, the schools continue to give presentations in order to ensure dissemination. These presentations involve: speaking at regional and national meetings of e.g. MBO raad/ Platform Internationalisation/ Platform Modern Languages/ Twin city committee (a few examples are enclosed)
  • The website KSIE is also available now and each of the parties involved can find information and pictures. The website is also available for potential new companies

Plan of Action:

The above mentioned has been done so far, but could be structured and monitored better. During our next exchange we will discuss the following improvements:

  • Invite companies and municipality to school after each event in order to inform them directly and create more opportunities for sharing new ideas
  • Report/updates need to be shared through one clear port of call for each branch of the Triple Helix. Decide on whom during meeting in October and document this
  • Place reports on the website KSIE
  • Keep each other better informed as to whom has given presentations to whom. Document what has been done and include publications/proof
  • Look into what has been done internationally regarding dissemination and what needs to be done. This part of our dissemination deserves more attention. Decide on whom does what in October and document this

created april 2016