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Masarykova obchodní akademie
Obchodná akadémia

Obchodná akadémia

Business Academy Martin is a state school for vocational training and education, providing two kinds of studies – Business Administration and Tourism. It was established in 1885, being thus the oldest Business Secondary School in Slovakia, and is essential educational institution in the Zilina region. The school has about 350 students, aged 15-19 and 45 members of staff, ranging from teachers, administrative employees, etc.

We provide modern education closely linked to businesses operating in entrepreneurship, financial sphere and tourism or civil sector. This has resulted in the obligation to see to an adequate tie-up between education and the labour market, both national and international.

The school works closely together in international projects, international students exchanges aimed at innovation and renewal of educational programmes. We participate under various international Lifelong Learning Programmes funded by EU programmes. Our main objectives are: improving the skills and competencies of young people, in initial vocational training, with a view to facilitating their integration in the labour market. To improve the quality of, and access to, vocational education and training systems and qualifications.

Our staff
  • Ivana Pisná (English teacher, project coordinator SVK)

    created april 2016