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Alfa-college is a denominational Regional Education Centre (ROC) for vocational training and adult education. The ROC provides a coherent range of courses enabling young people and adults to gain qualifications for further education and the labour market. Alfa-college has over 12,500 students in the age range of 16 - 60 and 1,000 members of staff at various divisions in the northeastern part of the Netherlands with Groningen as its centre.

Alfa-college caters for a wide range of intermediate vocational training and tailor-made adult education from which (young) people can choose, fitting in with their ambition and talent with which they can obtain a strong position on the labour market due to the fact that apart from social behaviour attention is paid to functioning in an organisation. Furthermore Alfa-college provides tailor-made courses for business and industry. Alfa-college works closely together in international projects aimed at innovation and renewal of educational programmes. We participate under various international Lifelong Learning Programmes funded by Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, Grundtvig and other EU programmes.

Our staff
  • Hanneke Smid (project manager)
  • Marinke de Jong (project coordinator)
  • Tim Holewijn (economic teacher)
  • Jan Veldkamp (economic teacher)

    created april 2016