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City centre of Martin

Martin is a city in northern Slovakia, situated on the Turiec river, between the Malá Fatra and Veľká Fatra mountains, near the city of Žilina. The population numbers approximately 61,000, which makes it the eighth largest city in Slovakia. It is the center of the Turiec region and the District of Martin.

From the second half of the 10th century until 1918, it was part of the Kingdom of Hungary. The first recorded reference to Martin in written sources is dated to 1284 under the name of Vila Sancti Martini. ince the 18th century, Martin became centre of the Turóc county. The town became the foremost Slovak cultural center in the 19th century. Several cultural institutions (including Slovak Matica and Slovak National Museum) were founded there. Most political activities leading to the Slovak national emancipation in the 19th and early 20th centuries were organized in or from Martin. The town was also industrialized at this time.

The first printing works were established in 1869, the furniture factory Tatra nábytok in 1890, and so on. It is located in northern Slovakia, in theTuriec Basin, just south of the confluence of the Turiec River with Váh. Mountain ranges in the proximity of the city are Lesser Fatra and Greater Fatra, more to the south are Žiar and Kremnica Mountains. Martin is home to a Volkswagen Group owned automotive industry production plant, under the Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s. subsidiary. Opened in 2000, it employs approximately 800 people.

The Danish shoe company ECCO is situated near to the Kosuty II borough. Two other big employers are the printing company Neografia Martin and the University hospital. Other well known companies are Skanska, Vienna International, and Hoechst-Biotika.

Some important companies are located near to the city of Martin like ŽOS Vrútky or Prefa Sučany. Due to economic crisis the unemployment rate rose to 10%, but is still below national average rate. During the best years, the unemployment rate was approximately 5%.

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