Key to successful international enterpreneurship

Basic facts

Project name: Key to Successful international entrepreneurship

Main goal: wide cooperation of schools, local businesses/local government and organisations as the Chamber of Commerce, Export Clubs and other Business clubs (Rotary) from all three countries involved. Students will learn all kinds of entrepreneurial skills, including cultural differences


Alfa CollegeThe Netherlands

Obchodná Akadémia Martin Slovakia

Masarykova obchodní akademie JičínThe Czech Republic


  • Preparatory phase before the kick-off meetingErfurt
  • 1st Transnational meeting (kick-off meeting)ErfurtOctober 2015
  • 1st Teaching and training activities (exchange)NL HoogeveenApril 2016
  • 2nd Teaching and training activities (exchange)SVK MartinOctober 2016
  • 3rd Teaching and training activities (exchange)CZ JičínFebruary 2016
  • 2nd Transnational meeting (evaluation)September/October 2017
  • Multiplier events early 2017, October 2017, January 2018

    Main activities:

  • Regular (weekly) meetings on schools, including lectures, skype classes, presentations,… (students, staff + external guests)
  • 3 mobilities, including presentations, establishing business and personal contacts, cultural and business excursions,… (all participants, external guests)
  • Triple-helix meetings
  • Buddy system
  • Teaching and training activities

    created april 2016